Midwifery Programs in North Dakota

Midwifery School in North Dakota - ND

In order to become a professional midwife, you must obtain a significant amount of education and training. Midwives who hold the CNM (certified nurse-midwife) designation already have, or have obtained through their studies to become a midwife, a nursing degree. All of the accredited educational programs in the United States that offer a midwifery degree do so at a master’s level or higher. Although there are no midwifery schools in North Dakota, there are many schools that offer nursing degrees, including some courses that can be taken online. Once you have a nursing degree, application and acceptance into a midwifery program is possible.

In addition to the coursework, such as medical terminology, biology, chemistry, and patient care, and practical experience required as part of a nursing degree, advanced study in midwifery will include topics such as reproductive health care for women, holistic health assessment, advanced physiology, and economics of health care. In addition, various practicums that provide clinical experience are included in the curriculum.

Some programs offer a hybrid-style of teaching wherein the students learn through participating in online courses then meet periodically in seminar-style meetings over the course of a weekend or several days. This option is especially appealing for those students who cannot relocate to a different city in order to complete their education in midwifery. 

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