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How to Become an MRI Technician in North Dakota

North Dakota, nicknamed the Friendliest State in America, is a fantastic choice when considering a career as an MRI technician, or magnetic resonance imaging technician.  In fact, there are incredible North Dakota MRI technician training programs offered at many of the community colleges and universities throughout the state.  Advancements in technology have made magnetic resonance imaging almost a standard diagnostic tool.  As baby boomers advance in age, they are requiring more extensive testing and medical care, including MRI scans.  Health care facilities in North Dakota and across the country are looking for qualified MRI technicians.

Before entering this fascinating, fast paced profession, you will need to earn an Associates Degree, which can be completed in two years, or a Bachelor’s Degree, a four year degree.  The program you choose should be specifically designed for individuals seeking careers in radiology services, such as MRI technicians.  During the training program, you should have hands-on experience, as many of the duties of an MRI technician simply cannot be fully learned from a book.  Learning how to safely and professionally operate the MRI machinery and how to obtain appropriate magnetic resonance imaging scans takes time and practice.  The program you choose should provide training in these areas.

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