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Become a Personal Trainer in North Dakota - ND

Becoming a Personal Trainer in North Dakota

When North Dakota’s sub-freezing winters set in, regular trips to the fitness center or gym can help residents stay warm and active. Career options for personal trainers in North Dakota have increased in recent years with the opening of more fitness centers in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks and Minot. North Dakota also has a relatively significant concentration of fitness centers and weight-lifting gyms related to the total number of residents – about 634,000 people in 2006. A statewide campaign to encourage healthy lifestyles and a relatively young average age are also contributing to the increase in demand for personal trainers in North Dakota. The federal government has predicated that job opportunities for personal trainers will likely increase by more than 27 percent across the country over the next decade. The skills and certifications that personal trainers learn in North Dakota can be transferred to many other regions where employers recognize the same training certificates from nationally accredited organizations.

Do you enjoy working with others? Are you a physically active person who loves to work out regularly? Are you one to read the latest fitness and health magazines cover-to-cover soon after they hit the newsstands? These are just a few questions seasoned personal trainers might ask North Dakotans who have expressed an interest in this rewarding career field. Many personal trainers are people who love to exercise, and they spent a lot of their free time at the local gym before advising others professionally. Others are drawn to the unique work setting and flexible hours that come with working one-on-one with people from all walks of life.

Many states, including North Dakota, do not require personal trainers to be licensed. While the state has laws that stipulate professional standards and licensing requirements for other health professions – including athletic trainers – personal trainers are not regulated in North Dakota, according to state officials interviewed. Fitness centers, however, are regulated by state and local agencies in North Dakota, so managers of those businesses have established general standards and expectations for the region’s fitness industry.  In North Dakota, personal trainer certification can be gained online, as can the training necessary to become certified.

Healthy Personal Trainer Job Prospects in ND

North Dakota has more than 100 fitness centers, according to the National Health Club Association. National fitness chains, independent gyms and upscale retirement communities offer options to work as a personal trainer.

Some North Dakota fitness centers work with employers and health insurance companies to offer wellness programs. These efforts are designed to inspire workers to live healthy lifestyles and lower healthcare costs. Prospects for regular and steady employment appear positive with these trends. Insurance companies are known to pay up to 20 percent toward an employee’s membership fee. The assistance helps free up personal funds for members to spend on personal trainers.

The North Dakota Department of Health has an active campaign to promote healthy eating and physical activity to reduce obesity. Motivating the population to live healthier lifestyles and exercise regularly will be a task suited to personal trainers.

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