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Education and Degrees for Physical Therapy Assistants in North Dakota

The minimum level of education for students in North Dakota is that of an associate’s degree. This degree should take roughly two years to complete and is the most important prerequisite of all. Without education and training, there is no way that a physical therapist assistant can ever come into fruition.

The associate’s degree should include a combination of general core educational credits and credits geared towards the study of physical therapy. The classes of educational study will likely include basic anatomical structures and associated functions within the body in reference to physical therapy.

The most important part of any educational program offered by North Dakota physical therapy assistant schools is that it should be detailed, well presented and accredited by the CAPTE organization. If the program is not accredited, the Board will not approve any state license for an assistant. This is important to remember because it can certainly cost a lot of extra money if you are academically forced to start over.

You should also keep in mind that there is unlimited potential in the physical therapy field. You are not locked into only receiving an associate’s degree. Perhaps if you are thinking of pursuing a specialty of physical therapy, you may want to consider getting a bachelor’s degree instead.

The internship requirement states that all students must work under the authority of a licensed physical therapist for at least 6 months as a condition of state licensure. The experience obtained from such an internship is invaluable to the student and understanding the practice of physical therapy. In addition, the internship will provide a student with a more in-depth understanding of what is to be covered and understood on the jurisprudence examination.

What is the Average Income of this Career in North Dakota?

The average annual income of a PTA in North Dakota is $68,000.


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