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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in the District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Naturally, finding a job is one of the most important concerns upon graduating with a nurse practitioner degree.  Nurse practitioner jobs in Washington DC are readily available, due to the ongoing shortage of nurses and even higher demand for nurse practitioners because of their advanced training.  In addition to working in collaboration with physicians and other members of healthcare teams, nurse practitioners frequently work independently and alleviate some of the patient load for physicians.  In 2009, nurse practitioners numbered 1,640 in the DC area; this figure represented 273 nurse practitioners per 100,000 individuals.

 The American Nurses Association (ANA) stated that since nurse practitioners can provide between 60 to 80 percent of all primary and preventive care, the nation’s progressive emphasis on prevention in public health would continue to provide increasing numbers of career opportunities for nurse practitioners.  As of January 2011, a brief inquiry at revealed nearly 600 job posts for nurse practitioners in the Washington DC area.  Among the dozen or so hospitals in which a nurse practitioner in DC may find employment are the Children’s National Medical Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Washington Hospital Center.

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