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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in Iowa - IA

The following certified nurse practitioner jobs are recognized in Iowa:  Adult, Gerontological, Perinatal, Neonatal, School, Women's, Psych/Mental and Acute Care.

To become a nurse practitioner in Iowa an RN license is required. The license can be either from Iowa or one of the states in the APRN Compact. Similar to the compacts for RNS and LPNS, this compact was designed to facilitate quality NP care within and across state lines by mutually recognizing licenses. Check the Iowa Board of Nursing for a list of compact states.

The second requirement is a master's degree in a nursing clinical specialty area with preparation in specialized practitioner skills. There is one alternative to this that is satisfactory completion of a formal advanced practice educational program, approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing, along with appropriate clinical experience, also approved by the board.

The third requirement is time-dated proof of advance level certification by the appropriate certifying body approved by the board. A transcript must be provided directly from the learning institution denoting course of study and any clinical experience. There is also a fee. Iowa does not provide for temporary licensing.

An NP in Iowa holding current certification in their specialty is considered in compliance with continuing education (CE) requirements. The appropriate certifying body; however, may have their own CE standards that must be met to keep certification current.

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