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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in South Carolina - SC

Nurse practitioner jobs in South Carolina can be found in a number of medical settings. Nationwide, hospitals are among the largest employers of nurse practitioners. South Carolina’s can aspire to work at well known facilities like Roper Hospital in Charleston, Palmetto Health or Providence Hospital in Columbia, or the Medical University of South Carolina.  Doctors’ offices constitute the other large employer group.  One can find nurse practitioners, though, in a variety of settings including college health services, community health centers, and rural health centers. Some nurse practitioners are employed by the Veterans Administration.

Nurse practitioners may also see employment at one of the state’s118 rural clinics. One of the goals of the South Carolina Office of Rural Health, in fact, is to recruit qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants. 36 out of 46 South Carolina counties are outside major metropolitan areas. According to the South Carolina Office of Rural Health, these regions have higher poverty rates, greater numbers of uninsured residents, and significant health failings, with, for instance, only 40.1% of diabetic residents receiving recommended levels of preventative care. Some practitioners choose to serve in such settings for a couple years, helping others in exchange for perks like getting their student loans paid off. 

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