How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in South Dakota - SD

According to a 2010 AANP survey, 83.7% of nurse practitioners spent more than three fourths of their time working directly with patients in clinical practice. A majority saw between two and four patients an hour.

Nurse practitioner jobs in South Dakota, as elsewhere in the nation, are found in a wide variety of medical settings. Nationally a high percentage of positions are found in hospitals.  South Carolina’s practitioners can hope to find jobs in large medical centers like Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, Avera Saint Luke's Hospital in Aberdeen, or Sanford USD Medical Center or Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center in Sioux Falls. 

Physician’s offices constitute another major setting. Nurse practitioners also work in rural health clinics like Avera St. Benedict Certified Rural Health Clinic.  Staffing these clinics with highly qualified practitioners is particularly important in a state like South Dakota where so much of the population is spread out in rural regions. The nation has a tradition of relying on nurse practitioners and physician assistants to offer primary health services in areas that are poor and/ or have a difficult time attracting licensed physicians.  This can be a great opportunity for South Dakota’s nurses to serve!  South Dakota has the highest concentration of registered nurses of any state.

Nurse Practitioner Schools