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How to Become a Nurse Practitioner in Washington - WA

ARNPs United of Washington State reports that advanced registered nurse practitioners are responsible for about 10% of all generalist outpatient visits in Washington. Unfortunate for patients, but encouraging to would-be NPs in the stat is the fact that a 2009 study by the Washington Center for Nursing found that, within the next five years, 14% of the state’s ARNPs are expected to retire. This organization recognizes the need to fill these vacant positions and promotes encouraging registered nurses at a younger age to consider graduate level study so as to be able to fill these anticipated openings. Careers for Washington State nurse practitioners are expected to abound into the foreseeable future.

Registered nurses who are interested in learning how to become ARNPs in Washington will discover that they must first attend graduate-level programs. Then, a prospective ARNP must take the appropriate national certification examination for their chosen specialty area. Finally, anyone who wishes to become an ARNP in Washington must apply to the state for ARNP licensure. There are also mandatory continuing education credits and practice hours that must be fulfilled every two years for license renewal and recertification.

ARNPs in Washington are authorized to prescribe all medications, including controlled substances; diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions; work on health prevention and patient education; practice as independent practitioners; and work with other health care team professionals. Their services are reimbursed by all major health insurers including Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies.

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