Nurse Practitioner Program in Arkansas - AR

Work full time? Don’t live close to a campus that offers nurse practitioner classes? Not a problem. The Arkansas State Board of Nursing accepts degrees earned part-time, online, or via distance education.

Online programs offer the luxury of either slowing down or accelerating the pace of study, ideal for students who must juggle work obligations and family needs along with schooling. Each program has a maximum length over which a part-time degree can be earned, so be sure that this requirement fits your schedule.

Online nurse practitioner programs in Arkansas carry the same requirements as campus-based programs:

  • Successful completion of a master’s in nursing program, with a specialty in one of the approved nurse practitioner fields (acute, adult, family, gerontological, neonatal, pediatric, school nurse, or women’s health)
  • Successful completion of a certification examination offered by a national organization recognized by the state

No matter the program chosen, it will involve a significant clinical component at a local facility. Some programs will also require occasional short-term on-campus seminars. And, like on-campus programs, the curriculum will be about 25% core studies and 75% specialized study, about 45 hours in all.

Authority to write prescriptions must be obtained separately after the MSN is complete and the applicant has passed the state certification test.

Nurse Practitioner Schools