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Nurse Practitioner Program in Hawaii - HI

Hawaii is a group of islands lush with possibility but alas, as imagined, there is not a wide choice of schools for the advanced student.  Nurse practitioners in Hawaii often will turn to online/distance learning programs to fulfill their educational aspirations. Take advantage of higher wages earned as an RN in Hawaii and use them toward gaining a master's degree as an advanced practice registered nurse. It is imperative that any college or university, online or not, be recognized Hawaii's Board of Nursing. This insures a higher caliber of education in general as well as the ability to transfer credits should a change in school have to be made.

Hawaii recognizes over a dozen sub specialties that can be pursued through specialized nurse practitioner programs – basic ones like adult, gerontological or pediatric as well as other more focused ones like ambulatory care, advanced diabetes management or advanced certified oncology. Specialties such as public health, epidemiology, education or business management are not recognized by Hawaii as APRNs.  There are nine national organizations that Hawaii recognizes for APRN certification. For general specialties there is the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) while the other groups are geared toward the subspecialties.

In addition to near universal health care mandated by the state, the Hawaiian medical health system also places a premium on preventative care that is similar to APRN goals. Over 50% of the population in Hawaii is struggling with weight; courses in diabetes management, heart health and nutrition would make good preparation. In general, having a broad study of curricula will be of value in caring for a large cross section of population. In order to write prescriptions in Hawaii, the APRN must demonstrate at least 30 hours studying advanced pharmacology.

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