Nurse Practitioner Program in Illinois - IL

The advances in technology combined with the need for qualified and well-trained nurses have caused many nurse practitioner programs in Illinois to offer courses, or in some cases, entire programs, online. This enables students to participate in the program without physically relocating, saving both time and money. In addition, the same faculty who teach in the classrooms on campus teach the online courses, so students receive the highest quality education. Students may come to Illinois-based campus for seminars or meetings, but the majority of information is received via online methods. Courses may be in a shorter, block-style format as well, enabling students to receive intensive education on a particular topic. Block scheduling allows students to take more than the typical 15-16 hours of credits during a semester because courses only last as long as necessary to go over the material.

Another benefit of online programs is that clinical experiences take place in the student’s community, which benefits the facility as well as the student in terms of future job opportunities. Nurse practitioner students who take online courses are encouraged to interact with their teachers and other students via required chat sessions, video conferencing, and e-mail so that they share what they are learning as well as ask questions to clarify concepts and strategies.

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