Nurse Practitioner Program in Mississippi - MS

Many nurse practitioner programs in Mississippi use distance learning and online courses in order to give interested students ample opportunity to advance their careers and education. Many core courses are offered only online, allowing students to access course information when it is most convenient in their schedule.  Since being an RN is a requirement for entry to nurse practitioner programs, it is not surprising that many students work and take classes in their off-work hours. Online courses offer many advantages for these students, as they can complete their work when it fits their schedule. Interaction with the instructor and other students is available in various ways, including e-mail, online real-time chat sessions, bulletin board question and answer posts, and video conferencing. Some courses may require limited on-campus meetings throughout the semester.

Another option to make obtaining an advanced degree in nursing easier is distance learning. This is a scenario in which students meet for a class in their local area on a regular basis, but the course is part of an advanced degree program through a large university. In this scenario, the instructor may travel on a weekly basis from the city where the university is located to teach the class, or a local physician or other qualified instructor may teach the course as an adjunct to the university.

In both online and distance learning situations, students typically complete their clinical requirements in their home community as long as appropriate situations are available.

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