Nurse Practitioner Program in Nevada - NV

Nurse practitioner programs in Nevada must be approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing in order for graduates to qualify for licensure as an APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) in the state. Nevada mandates that such programs must be at least one year in length, be accredited or approved, and include four months of online or classroom instruction plus supervised clinical experience with a certified advanced practice nurse or physician. In addition, all NP programs in Nevada must include one advanced course in the assessment of a patient’s health, pathophysiology or preparing for practice as an advanced practice nurse.

Nevada also dictates that all nurse practitioner programs must include specialized education in one concentration of advanced practice nursing. The clinical experience that the student gains during the program must require that student to use the skills and knowledge learned in class and must also be in the student’s specialty area of concentration. NP programs should also incorporate clinical experience that requires students to make decisions such as diagnosing patients and providing medical care to patients. Examples of areas of concentration for a nurse practitioner include Adult NP, Family NP, Women’s Health NP, Psychiatric/Mental Health NP, Pediatric NP, and Geriatric NP.

Nurse Practitioner Schools