Nurse Practitioner Program in North Carolina - NC

Admission to nurse practitioner programs in North Carolina necessitates completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree as well as licensure as a registered nurse.  After fulfilling these mandatory qualifications, individuals can opt to deepen their skills in a specific area of nursing, e.g., family practice, mental health or administration, through graduate studies. 

Nurse practitioner programs in North Carolina prepare individuals to focus intently on patients’ needs so they are properly diagnosed and treated.  While their areas of concentration may differ, students in these studies generally undertake coursework in topics like pharmacology, pathophysiology and health assessment.  The training they receive enables graduates to provide skilled care for patients including the provision of health education that will help them to establish and to maintain healthy habits.

While offered online, most Web-based programs in the field also include brief, on-campus components that bring students and faculty face-to-face for knowledge and resource exchange.  In addition, students undertake clinical experiences that provide an on-the-job understanding of the kinds of issues with which professionals must contend.  After completing coursework, nurse practitioner program graduates must earn national board certification as awarded by the American Nurse Credentialing Center to demonstrate their expertise and intensive training.

Nurse Practitioner Schools