Nurse Practitioner Program in Oklahoma - OK

Admission to nurse practitioner programs in Oklahoma necessitates completion of a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree as well as licensure as a registered nurse as prerequisites.  Once these requirements are met, individuals may seek enrollment into these graduate programs that will permit them to deepen their knowledge in the area of nursing in which they are most interested, e.g., either mental health or geriatrics nursing. Completion of these studies will permit them to practice as experts whose skills are acknowledged and verified through board certification through the American Nurse Credentialing Center.

In addition to class work in the area in which nurse practitioner students intend to concentrate, all learners take courses in topics such as diagnosis and treatment, pharmacology and pathophysiology.  To complement off-campus Web studies, online programs typically require students to convene for brief, in-person meetings with one another and faculty to facilitate face-to-face teaching and learning.  This blended model of instruction also supports knowledge exchange.  While students acquire many of the skills and training necessary to contribute to society as health care professionals through their textbook lessons, they are also able to develop hands-on experience through mandated site-based learning that places them in direct contact with patients and medical colleagues.  This type of training can be offered in a variety of settings, e.g., at medical facilities such as Saint Francis Hospital and Saint Anthony Hospital.

Nurse Practitioner Schools