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Nurse Practitioner Program in Pennsylvania - PA

Nurse practitioner programs in Pennsylvania take various forms, depending on a person’s previous educational level as well as his or her career goals and lifestyle.  The first step is often to choose a specialty. Nationwide, there are more nurse practitioners in family practice than any other specialty, so, not surprisingly, these programs are most abundant.  There are also options in areas like neonatal, pediatrics, and women’s health. Another option is to go into gerontology and serve the state’s many elderly.  In Pennsylvania, it is possible to be licensed in more than one specialty; an additional one can be added to the license as long as one meets requirements for it.

When choosing a program, it is also important to consider your current educational level. There may be different routes depending on whether your highest degree earned is at the associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level.  Those with associate’s degrees may pursue accelerated RN to MSN programs.  If, by contrast, you already have a master’s degree, but didn’t take a program that trained you to be a nurse practitioner in your desired specialty, you may look for a post-master’s certification program.

There are other things to consider as well, like the reputation of the program and how it fits into your already busy lifestyle.  Many graduate-level courses are offered online.

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