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Nurse Practitioner Program in Wisconsin - WI

An APN in Wisconsin may not independently prescribe medication unless he or she holds a current Advance Practice Nurse Prescriber (APNP) certificate granted by the Board of Nursing. Accredited nurse practitioner programs in Wisconsin; however, will lead to an APNP, granting the allowance to independently issue prescription orders.

Nurse practitioners in Wisconsin must submit proof of 45 contact hours in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, the number of hours per course and the date of completion, which must be within the three years preceding the date of application.

There are also continuing education requirements of 8 contact hours per year acquired through the following organizations: AANA, ACNM, ANCC, NCBPNPN, AANP, NCC, and AACN.

While in essence generalists, ANPs, can also specialize by population – pediatrics to geriatrics and/or by medical field – dermatology to cardiology. A good academic advisor will help a student explore programs to find the best fit as a specialist.

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