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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Alaska - AK

While the weather can be hard in Alaska, the rewards of living and working here can be seen in the natural beauty of the state and its very good rate of .pay.  This is due to a higher cost of living but also to demand for services that is unmet. A nurse practitioner's (NPs) salary in Alaska will vary by experience, specialty and location.

In the Department of Labor’s  Occupational Employment Statistics, it’s reported that that the average income for Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners in Alaska is $94,00, versus $77,630 for the United States as a whole.

According to one leading internet salary website, nurse practitioners’ salaries in Alaska are over 10% higher than the US average for this profession; $98,891 compared to $87,507. A specialist in emergency medicine is worth $102,147 in Fairbanks, a 20% plus increase over the national NP average.

Benefits used to attract employees to Alaska may include signing bonuses, flexible scheduling,  relocation assistance, and retirement plans. Some employers will help pay for the continuing education credits required to keep certification and state licensure.

Another financial perk to Alaska residents is the Alaska Department of Revenue Permanent Fund Dividend that is given to each qualifying Alaskan. In 2010 the dividend is $1281.  This payment will help defray the higher living costs associated with northern living.

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