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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Arizona - AZ

An average nurse practitioner salary in Arizona can range from anywhere between $70,000 and $100,000 annually. However, most earn an average salary that is closer to $79,000 annually. There are several reasons that salary averages can differ between individual nurse practitioners. First, nurse practitioners are basically advanced practice nurses (APNs) with additional education, training, and certification in an area of specialty. Therefore, because the nurse practitioner occupation is a specialty profession, average salaries and wages can be different between specialties. Some areas that nurse practitioners specialize in include: pediatrics, adult health, acute care, family health, geriatrics, women’s health, neonatal, oncology, and psychiatric mental health.

Area of specialization is not the only factor that can influence a nurse practitioner’s salary in Arizona. For instance, some nurse practitioners positively impact their salaries by earning additional certifications in other areas of specialty while others may opt to practice in supplementary sub-specialties. Examples of these sub-specialties include: cardiology, immunology, pulmonary, rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology, and dermatology. Other ways nurse practitioners typically achieve higher-than-average salaries is by earning doctorate degrees in one or more specialties, engaging in additional occupational training, and actively pursuing more job responsibilities. Finally, since salaries can often depend on the geographic location and work setting that a nursing practitioner finds employment in, and professionals that can relocate will likely experience the benefit of higher salaries.  

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