Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Colorado - CO

According to indeed.com, the average annual nurse practitioner salary in Colorado is $86,000. However, this salary average can definitely vary between geographic locations. For instance, nurse practitioners that work in larger metropolitan cities such as Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood can expect to earn just slightly higher average salaries of $87,000. Yet, nurse practitioners employed in smaller cities like Greeley, Longmont, and Grand Junction can anticipate lower average salaries of anywhere between $68,000 and $77,000 annually. This salary diversification is largely the result of the relationship between population densities and the number of nurse practitioners needed to accommodate them. In effect, bigger metropolitan cities have more of a demand for nurse practitioners to cater to higher concentrations of patients, and therefore will attract these professionals with high salary incentives.

Although geographic location will definitely impact a nurse practitioner (NP) salary in Colorado, there are many more factors at play. One obvious factor is whether an individual nurse practitioner is a full-time or part-time worker. Not only do full-time workers receive higher salaries but are usually offered employment benefits as well. Also, nurse practitioners that hold doctorate degrees are more likely to earn higher salaries than those holding master degrees. Furthermore, nurse practitioners that have supervisory or managerial job titles can anticipate better salaries than those with entry-level positions. Salaries could also depend on which industry a nurse practitioner finds employment in. For instance, a nurse practitioner that works in the research industry may receive a different average salary then those that work in another industry like education, healthcare, government, or employment services.  

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