Nurse Practitioner Salaries in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Since nurses are in demand, their salaries are commensurate with that demand and their respective specialty training.  Nursing compensation is competitive, and a nurse practitioner salary in Washington DC is no exception.  In fact, a 2010 ARPN salary survey revealed DC salaries for nurse practitioners were among the top five in the nation.  According to this survey, nurse practitioners employed in the Washington DC area received average annual salaries of $90,530.  As of January 2011, that average salary has already increased to $104,000!

Nurse practitioner salaries also vary depending on the practice or facility in which the individual works, as well as his or her specialty.  Another factor influencing the salary is the degree of training a nurse practitioner has, as well as his or her experience.  For instance, a new nurse practitioner would earn less than one who has many years of experience; likewise, a general family nurse practitioner would receive lower compensation than would an acute care nurse practitioner. 

At Indeed.com, a January 2011 report provided a graph of annual 2010 salary ranges for nurse practitioners in various specialties in the DC area.  For instance, family practice nurse practitioners averaged annual salaries of $80,000, while nurse practitioners in correctional facilities earned $138,000.  In another example, oncology nurse practitioners earned $91,000, whereas nurse practitioners in primary care facilities earned $141,000.

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