Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Georgia - GA

According to indeed.com, the annual average nurse practitioner salary in Georgia is approximately $101,000, which is actually higher than the national salary average of $96,000. Not only can salary averages shift from a national level to a state-specific level, but they can also vary between cities with the state as well. Not surprising, most nurse practitioners work in or around cities with higher population densities. However, since jobs are abundant in more metropolitan areas, job competition is lower as a result. Therefore, even though the number of jobs may be higher, salaries in these places may not necessarily be the highest in the state. In fact, the salary averages for nurse practitioners in the five largest cities of Georgia range from $80,000/yr. to $101,000/yr. Here are the following salary averages for these cities: Atlanta ($101,000/yr.), Augusta ($96,000/yr.), Savannah ($86,000/yr.), Columbus ($84,000/yr.), Athens ($80,000/yr.).

As a nurse practitioner, there are many ways to increase personal salary earning potentials. Some of the highest paid professionals in the field strive for supervisor or director positions through additional training and work experience. Others return to school to earn even higher NP degrees or supplementary certificates in specialties and sub-specialties. Nurse practitioners that hold more than one national certification credential likewise benefit from higher end salaries.

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