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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Hawaii - HI

According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median annual salary for registered nurses (advanced nursing positions are included in this data) is $66,530.  Hawaii is one of the five top paying states with an annual mean wage of $80,020, over 20% higher.  A comparable salary in Honolulu is an even higher at $82,150.  Also worth considering is the unemployment rate, Hawaii is at 6.2% while the rate is 9.8% nationally as of November 2010.  Hawaii also shows a trend toward greater use of APRNs, having a rate of 72 per 100,000 versus the US count of 51 per 100,000.

The Professional Vocational Licensing Board of Nursing division of the Hawaiian Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs licenses advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN).  APRNs have enhanced global signature authority in Hawaii. This is important because it allows for a larger and hence more profitable private practice. In addition to being recognized by the Federal Medicare program, APRNs are allowed to sign claims for workers' compensation and they can verify and sign off on forms for the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services. They can authorize the results of physical examinations. Oddly, one of the few things they cannot sign off on is disabled parking passes.

Hawaii is one of only two states in the US who are a majority-minority state meaning that, according to the US Census Bureau in 2008, Caucasians are 27% of the population. Asian Americans are the highest percentage with 38.5%, Indigenous Hawaiians are 5.5%. Though 82% of residents were born in the US, 21% speak an Asian language; mainly Filipino and Japanese, lesser spoken are Chinese, Korean and Samoan. Abilities to understand other languages would be versatile and could possibly increase salary rate. Sensitivity to cultural norms and attitudes regarding health care that vary widely among different ethnicities would also be a big plus.

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