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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Idaho - ID

Nurse practitioner salaries in Idaho are above the US average according to, which places the Boise average at $85,365 and $89,014 for emergency work.  This is higher than the annual mean wage listed for health diagnosing and treating practitioners in Idaho according to the May 2009 Department of Labor's Occupational Employment Statistics. They cite $56,190 or approximately $27.00 per hour, but this figure includes a wider variety of job types than so it is not a straight comparison.

What is encouraging is that in 2005 Idaho ranked as the 6th fastest growing state in the nation with 10.4% growth since 2000. The population of 1.5 million is centered around the cities – Boise is the Capital, with Nampa, the second largest city nearby. Nampa had an impressive 22% growth during the same time period.  Idaho's population has increased a hard to believe 38% since 1990. Clearly people are finding reasons to move to Idaho.

Different factors will affect the average nurse practitioner salary in Idaho. Working at a hospital or clinic will have a different rate of compensation than working in a solo or small group practice. There is room for growth in NP jobs as Idaho lags behind the national average of NPs per thousand – 38 versus 51. An interesting statistic regarding NP employment is that Idaho has a greater number of nursing hours per patient than the general US population 4.6 versus 3.8. This means there is a greater demand for nurses per patient. Nursing homes, assisted living and home health/hospice work will most likely see an increase that correlates with those statistics.

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