Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Illinois - IL

Nurse practitioner salaries in Illinois vary depending on the location, the experience of the nurse practitioner, and the type of facility or organization that employs her or him. Illinois is the fifth largest state in terms of population; a large proportion of the population is concentrated in the Chicago metropolitan area. Other large cities outside the Chicago area include Rockford, Joliet, Springfield, and Peoria. East St. Louis is part of the St. Louis, Missouri, metropolitan area. 

Nurse practitioners can earn a competitive salary because they are highly trained, which makes them very useful and in demand, but they are also not paid as much as physicians, which makes them more economically feasible for some organizations and areas. Nurse practitioners can specialize in high demand medical fields such as emergency care, pediatrics, neonatal, or oncology. They provide the medical care necessary along with the compassion and personal care more associated with nurses than doctors. Nurses practice in a variety of settings, including hospitals, governmental agencies, schools, and in private practice, often as part of a group of physicians and other specialty care providers. One setting that is expected to see continued growth and therefore increased demand for nurse practitioners is the “retail clinic,” which is often found embedded within other stores such as grocery stores or other non-medical facilities.

Listed below are average salaries for nurse practitioners in several large cities in Illinois as provided by Indeed.com:

  • Chicago:  $99,000
  • Aurora:  $78,000
  • Rockford:  $81,000
  • Joliet:  $106,000
  • Naperville:  $91,000
  • Springfield:  $98,000
  • Peoria:  $78,000

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