Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Indiana - IN

The Department of Labor Statistics does not distinguish nurse practitioners from other health diagnosing and treating professionals so salary info is best derived from a few sources then compared. The web site salary.com lists $87,756 as the mean pay rate for primary care NPs in Indianapolis. For a nurse practitioner in Indianapolis specializing in neonatal care the median wage quoted is $98,255.

There are many other demographic factors that also make for a promising outlook for nurse practitioners’ salaries in Indiana. The 2010 US Census shows a 6.6% population growth over the past decade.  Indiana is also the 15th most populated state and the 17th in population density, which makes for fertile employment opportunities.

According to the US Census Bureau, 25% of Indiana's population is under 18 making pediatrics an in-demand specialty. 13% of the state’s population is over 65, making geriatrics another needed specialty.

Hispanics are Indiana's fastest growing demographic with a 33% increase between 2000 and 2005, so bilingual skills could mean additional pay.

Major pharmaceutical companies in Indiana make it a competitive market for careers related to the field. Students who specialize in pharmacology will find opportunities in the state, which has the second highest number of pharmacology jobs in the nation.

Indiana’s many professional sports teams and countless university/amateur teams make for a population in need of sports and sports rehab oriented medicine. Basketball, football and auto racing are particularly popular in the state.

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