Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Michigan - MI

Salaries for nurse practitioners in Michigan are significantly higher than those of registered nurses. This is understandable, as higher education tends to impact salary. A nurse practitioner must have at least a master’s degree; often those studying to be nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have several years of experience—another positive impact for salary figures.

Nurse practitioners will continue to be in high demand because of the unique qualifications they have. They have the caring and compassionate demeanor of highly skilled nurses as well as the extra education that enables them to treat patients as a primary care provider. Nurse practitioners can write prescriptions and order tests. In many circumstances, the nurse practitioner is the only medical professional a patient needs to see. For this reason, they are in high demand because of the level of care and professionalism they offer as well as the fact that they do not earn the same salary as a physician.

Michigan is one of the top ten most populous states in the United States. The largest city, Detroit, has almost one million residents; the population of the metropolitan Detroit area is well over that figure as several of the largest cities in the state are part of the Detroit metro area. Listed below is salary information for several of the largest cities in the state of Michigan:

  • Detroit:  $85,000
  • Grand Rapids:  $69,000
  • Warren:  $85,000
  • Sterling Heights:  86,000
  • Lansing:  74,000
  • Ann Arbor:  69,000
  • Flint:  71,000
  • Clinton Township:  $87,000
  • Livonia:  $83,000
  • Dearborn:  $85,000

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