Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Mississippi - MS

Nurse practitioner salaries in Mississippi vary depending on experience, work situation, and geographic location. Salaries tend to be higher in larger cities than in rural areas, although rural areas often benefit from the services a nurse practitioner provides. Because nurse practitioners can diagnose, order tests, and prescribe medication, many people who cannot afford the services of a physician are able to get their health care needs filled by having a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider. Nurse practitioners who specialize in areas such as diabetes care, health education, or adult populations will have no problem finding work. A significant portion of the population, adults and children, in Mississippi qualifies as obese and the state ranks first in high blood pressure, diabetes, and adult inactivity. Nurse practitioners not only treat health issues, but they interact with patients so as to educate them on their lifestyle choices to bring about better health.

The largest city in the state, Jackson, is smaller than many medium-sized cities in other states with a population of about 175,000. The next largest city is Gulfport, with just over 70,000—not even half the size of Jackson. The state has many small cities and towns, giving it a very rural characteristic. Listed below are average salaries for nurse practitioners in several Mississippi cities. The number in parenthesis is an approximate population figure for the city.

  • Jackson (175,000):  $110,000
  • Gulfport (71,000):  $71,000
  • Hattiesburg (52,000):  $87,000
  • Biloxi (46,000):  $76,000
  • Southaven (44,000):  $75,000
  • Meridian (39,000):  $85,000
  • Tupelo (37,000):  $57,000
  • Greenville (36,000):  $83,000

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