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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Missouri - MO

Although Missouri is the 18th most populous state, more than half of the total population lives within the metropolitan area of St. Louis and Kansas City, on the eastern and western borders, respectively. Springfield, Independence (part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area), and Columbia round out the top five most populous cities in the state. The state capital, Jefferson City, has fewer than 50,000 residents living within the city limits, although the greater metro population is almost three times that size.  Salaries for nurse practitioners in larger cities and metropolitan areas of Missouri tend to be higher than those in smaller, rural communities.

Nurse practitioners can be critical members of a health care team, regardless of the type of practice or health care facility.  In rural communities, nurse practitioners are excellent choices for health care services as they do not command as high a salary as do physicians, yet they are highly skilled and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Many people, especially in smaller communities, may benefit from the services of a nurse practitioner as their primary care provider.

Listed below are various average salaries for several Missouri cities. This information is provided by

  • Kansas City:  $76,000
  • St. Louis:  $90,000
  • Springfield:  $79,000
  • Independence:  $76,000
  • Columbia:  $79,000
  • Lee’s Summit:  $77,000
  • O'Fallon:  $88,000
  • Jefferson City:  $78,000
  • St. Joseph:  $71,000
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