Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Nevada - NV

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the federal government’s Department of Labor lists the average nurse practitioner salary in Nevada as being $72,940. However, this department groups all advanced practice nurses, including nurse practitioners, along with all registered nurses when compiling salary statistics. It would stand to reason that a nurse practitioner would make a higher salary than a registered nurse, as the NP has diagnostic and prescribing duties that an RN does not have. Therefore, the salary figures from indeed.com that show nurse practitioners in Nevada making $91,000 yearly is likely a more accurate number.

Nurse practitioners in certain specialized concentrations tend to make higher salaries than others. For example, a primary care NP in Nevada makes about $116,000; a wound care NP in Nevada makes an average annual salary of $105,000; a family practice NP makes about $70,000; and a pediatric NP can expect to make about $94,000 per year in Nevada. When examining NP salaries in the cities across Nevada, it is clear that these differ for NPs as well. Here are salary examples for NPs practicing in some of Nevada’s largest cities:

  • Las Vegas:  $83,000
  • Henderson:  $83,000
  • Reno:  $81,000
  • Paradise:  $83,000
  • Sunrise Manor:  $83,000

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