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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Oklahoma - OK

The Department of Labor reports the average nurse practitioner salary in Oklahoma to be $67,000 a year. In the capital city of Oklahoma City, the average annual salary for this profession is $63,000. Pay is dependent on variables including where in the state professionals work in the field, e.g., either in major cities like Tulsa and Norman or in rural settings that are less densely populated. 

While professionals who work in popular cities in facilities like the Oklahoma State University Medical Center can earn more than their colleagues who work in more remote areas, they may contend with heavier patient loads and longer on-the-job hours since they must provide care for a greater number of people.  While nurse practitioners in rural locations may serve fewer people, they may find their responsibilities are greater if there are not many physicians available to provide patient care.  Nurse practitioners in these settings may find themselves acting as primary care providers who oversee physical exams, prescribe medicine and assume responsibility for a community’s health needs.

Annual wages are also contingent on experience as those who have worked in the field for years will more than likely earn more than less experienced practitioners because of their know-how and ability.

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