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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Pennsylvania - PA

Nurse practitioners are among the most highly educated registered nurses and can be expected as a group to earn more than the norm after differences in experience and geography have been accounted for. According to the BLS, registered nurses at the 50th percentile in Pennsylvania have an average salary of $60,820 while those at the 90th percentile earn $87,250. 

The following chart, which shows what RNs at the 50th and 90th percentiles earn in different cities, illustrates the difference in wages from one region of Pennsylvania to another. One can see, for example, that registered nurses as a group are making far more in the Philadelphia area than in may parts of the state.

  • Philadelphia:  $33.97-$45.72
  • Pittsburgh:  $28.05-$37.73
  • Erie:  $25.72-$33.43

One can get some sense of a nurse practitioner salary in Pennsylvania by studying job postings. Not all nationally advertised job postings list wages. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, however, does. A recent CRNP position in women’s health listed a salary range of $27.77 to $32.50 an hour while one in critical listed $30.56 to $35.72 an hour.  A general CRNP posting listed a range of $30.56 to $44.83 hourly.   It appears that one of the ways for a registered nurse in this geographic region to move into the upper echelon salary-wise is to spend some years practicing in a premier facility like the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.

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