Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Texas - TX

Healthcare is an ever-changing career field and individuals with advanced degrees are continually in demand. Likewise, the expertise of nurse practitioners in Texas is met with a well-earned salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median wage for registered nurses in Texas is between $56,000-67,000. This statistic takes into account all registered nurse occupations, however, since the state doesn’t differentiate registered nurses from nurse practitioners. When determining the median nurse practitioner salary in Texas, it is beneficial to note that in 2009, the annual 75th percentile wage for nurses in Texas was between $64,000-79,000 and the annual 90th percentile wage fell between $67,000-94,000.

According to statehealthfacts.org, the median annual income in Texas is $47,143. Compared to the reported average income of Texas RNs, becoming a nurse practitioner in Texas can certainly be both fulfilling and prosperous.

As is generally the case, the larger the city or metropolitan area, the higher the income. For this reason, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio tend to offer the highest nurse practitioner salaries within the state of Texas. When searching for NP job opportunities, keep in mind that cities with a higher average salary traditionally carry with them a higher cost of living. A nurse practitioner in Texas should thoroughly research their options before deciding upon where to apply.

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