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Nurse Practitioner Salaries in Washington - WA

The average nurse practitioner salary in Washington State differs depending upon which source one consults. ADVANCE for NPs and PAs conducted a salary survey of nurse practitioners across the country in 2009 and determined that the average nurse practitioner in Washington made about $92,939 annually. The website, which obtains its data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports that the average health diagnosing and treating practitioner in Washington earns $68,400 yearly. Finally, the website has published the median NP salary in Washington as $85,000.

Nurse practitioners who are employed in different areas of Washington tend to make different salaries, just as working within different specialties or patient populations also tends to influence salaries. For example, reports that a family nurse practitioner in Washington earns $76,000 yearly, while a pediatric nurse practitioner can expect about $82,000 annually. An acute care nurse practitioner makes about $92,000 per year, while a psychiatric nurse practitioner earns an average of $87,000. Neonatal nurse practitioners in Washington State can expect an average annual salary of $86,000. With different specialties come more delicate and diverse responsibilities, accounting for the differences in salaries shown here.

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