Nurse Practitioner Salaries in West Virginia - WV

It is safe to say a primary motivating factor for pursuing an education is the potential for a bigger salary. Graduates of Nurse Practitioner programs in the state of West Virginia can expect an average salary of $71,905 annually as reported by Advance for Nurse Practitioners in 2007. Advanced for Nurse Practitioners is an organization dedicated to providing peer reviewed information for professionals in the field. As such, they are a credible source for all major advancements in the industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics currently reports the average salary for registered nurses as being $55,200 per year. Salaries not only vary from one region to another, they can also vary between two cities in the same state. Indeed.com, a site that aggregates salary averages based on current job postings, reports the mean nurse practitioner salary in Wheeling West Virginia as $97,000 per year. The average salary in Huntington, WV is listed as $92,000 annually. It should be mentioned that the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not differentiate between the salaries of registered nurses and nurse practitioners. In addition to this, indeed.com bases its averages upon current job listings for the immediate area. 

 Another item of note is that salaries do not reflect any benefits given by prospective employers. Graduates would do well in considering, not only their place and area of employment, but also benefit packages that they may be entitled to as an employees.

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