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Nurse Practitioner School in Arkansas - AR

Nurse practitioner schools in Arkansas all offer programs that lead to a master’s degree in nursing with a concentration in one of the established nurse practitioner specialties. The programs differ depending on the specialties they offer, but all include a clinical component.

Aspiring nurse practitioners must possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, have lived in Arkansas for at least five years, and be registered nurses in good standing.

Some programs are structured for the working professional, and can be completed part-time, taking as long as six years. Online classes are often an option.

Candidates typically complete around 45 hours of classroom work through schools offering accredited programs, as well as clinical work at accredited facilities. The amount of clinical work varies depending on the program and specialty selected. About 25% of class work is in core curricula; the remainder in one of the recognized specialties.

In Arkansas, NPs are referred to as advanced nurse practitioners. They constitute one of four kinds of advanced nurses in the state.Recognized NP specialties in Arkansas are:

  • Acute care nurse practitioner
  • Adult nurse practitioner
  • Family nurse practitioner
  • Gerontological nurse practitioner
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner
  • School nurse practitioner
  • Women’s health care nurse practitioner

A specialty in psychiatric care will be recognized in 2015.

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