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Nurse Practitioner School in Hawaii - HI

The good news! It is possible to get a quality education in the nursing field in Hawaii while sunning, surfing and celebrity watching!  According to a 2009 Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs list, there are five nursing schools for a BA and six for an AA degree, and at least one master's program in the state. This lack of choice may lead the ambitious student toward getting a degree from an online university or distance learning program where there are more options for accredited RN-MSN programs.

To become a nurse practitioner in Hawaii, there are different rules for those applying since 2009. A valid and unencumbered RN license in Hawaii is a prerequisite.  Any Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) license from any other state will also be accepted. The applicant must have completed a master's level program that prepared the student for advanced direct care with patients, leading to a degree as a nurse practitioner. This institution must be approved by the State of Hawaii. The graduate must then pass an exam from a national certifying body that the Hawaii Board of Nursing recognizes. If other advanced specialties are earned in the future, an additional application is required.

Before October 1, 2009 any APRNs who were licensed by any state board whose license was granted due to either the appropriate master's level degree or a certification from a national certification organization will be recognized as an APRN in Hawaii. All APRNs must stay current of all Hawaii statutes and rules related to nursing both at application and throughout one's career.

A separate application is needed for APRNs to be granted Prescriptive Authority (PA). While APRNs can prescribe most medications, Hawaii does not yet allow the prescription or dispensation of controlled substances, even if the APRN is registered with the DEA due to work in another state. The Board of Nursing is working toward adopting rules that would allow APRNs to prescribe scheduled medications. The requirements to the APRN-RX license are similar to the APRN with the exception that the applicant must provide proof of education in advanced pharmacology, including advanced pharmacotherapeutics. This must come as an adjunct to the official transcript. The State of Hawaii must approve of the college or university or certifying body for the credits to be valid. That is why it is always wise to work with an accredited institution.

The largest qualification for PA is proof of minimum of 1000 hours of clinical experience in a nursing specialty completed while in Hawaii. These hours may come from working in a hospital, health center, hospice program, physician's office, long term care facility etc. These 1000 hours must come once an APRN license has been granted and must be earned within the three years preceding application. A Collegial Working Relationship Agreement must also be filed showing a physician relationship in the same specialty and affiliated with the same institution.

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