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Nurse Practitioner School in Iowa - IA

There are less than 20 accredited graduate level campus based nurse practitioner schools in Iowa. The good news it that they are spread throughout the state, in rural areas as well as more populated metropolitan regions like Sioux City, Dubuque, and Iowa City. The bad news is a shortage of slots despite a large number of qualified applicants leading to wait lists at many institutions. One way around this for the student in Iowa is online distance learning programs that offer a high quality education but do not require relocation to attend. Some campus based schools offer either fully online programs or blended programs. Since most master's level nursing is classroom related rather than clinical, online course are often the same as campus based.

The Iowa Board of Nursing has recognized the need for qualified professionals and has strategic financial programs in place to help RNs advance. It is a good idea to discuss these options with the financial advisors at schools being considered.

It is best for a prospective student to consider all of their options when making such an important decision. Accreditation is important, without it a graduate may not be able to get certified or licensed. Lifestyle is another big one. Attending daytime campus classes can be difficult while being employed or taking care of children; many online classes can be completed during off hours.

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