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Nurse Practitioner School in Kansas - KS

Schools outside of Kansas must meet specific rules to be approved by the board of nursing, especially involving the clinical component of the program. Courses of study must provide clinical experience with “direct clinical instruction as an integral part of the program.�?  Furthermore, it must entail “an active process in which the student participates in nursing activities while being guided by a member of the faculty.�? Out of state schools must maintain standards equal to in state schools for the board to consider graduates qualified to work in Kansas.

This strictness regarding school approval extends to those seeking a license by endorsement.  The school where their degree was received must meet standards of the clinical component even if the nurse practitioner has already been licensed by another state.
When evaluating nurse practitioner schools in Kansas or online and out of state, once it is ascertained that the program meets Kansas’ standards, the next most important area to consider is student relations. Advisors can help with course selection to best fit student needs.

There are programs specific to those willing to work in medically under served areas, rural areas in general and for those who are members of the Kansas State Nurses Association. A good advisor can assist with those programs as well as helping the student find other resources to help pay for their education.

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