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Nurse Practitioner School in Missouri - MO

As part of becoming a nurse practitioner in Missouri, it is important to obtain a nursing education from an accredited school. One of the basic requirements for admission to nurse practitioner schools or programs includes a current and valid registered nurse license. Although there are several ways to become an RN (through two-year degree programs, vocational programs, or four-year degree programs), the most expedient process for someone who wants to become a nurse practitioner is usually to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This level of education can provide many opportunities for advancement, both in employment and further education. Most nurse practitioner education programs also require that a nurse have a minimum number of years of clinical experience as well. 

Once accepted into a program, nurse practitioner students have the chance to study advanced topics that can help them to better diagnose and treat patients. Nurse practitioners have prescription-writing privileges in all 50 states and can practice independently. Therefore, their education must entail a broad range of medical information. Many nurse practitioners choose to specialize in treating a specific population such as children, adults, or the elderly, or in treating specific types of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or psychiatric health. Clinical rotations in various types of settings during their education as well as previous experience can help nurse practitioners to decide which area best fits their interests and abilities.

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