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Nurse Practitioner School in Oregon - OR

Interested in continuing your studies and becoming a nurse practitioner? Nurse practitioner is one of several broad categories of advance practice nurse. In order to apply to be a nurse practitioner, an Oregon nurse must have an RN license and a master's in nursing, and must have completed a program in his or her specialty area. There are a number of specialty areas a nurse can pursue.  Some emphasize working with patients of a particular age: neonatal, pediatric, adult, or geriatric.  Others emphasize gender: women’s health and nurse-midwife.  Still others focus on the type of care needed: acute care, mental health, and family practice. Nurse practitioner schools in Oregon, regardless of focus, will train candidates in advanced decision making, including diagnosis of medical conditions.

The Oregon State Board of Nursing supervises Oregon’s nurse practitioners. The state of Oregon has released transition to practice guidelines for new nurse practitioners. The guidelines note that national board certification as an NP is currently not required in Oregon, but that many nurse practitioners do choose to pursue certification to demonstrate their professional credibility. The AANP gives computerized certifying exams in several specialty areas that correspond with education programs. To maintain certification, continuing education is required.

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