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Nurse Practitioner School in Pennsylvania - PA

Nurse practitioner schools in Pennsylvania help aspiring advanced practice nurses become CRNPs, or Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners.  CRNP is a title one can wear proudly. It is conferred by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing on registered nurses who have at least one additional year in an approved educational program.   CRNPs in Pennsylvania have responsibilities well beyond that of most nurses. They may assess and diagnose, order or perform diagnostic tests, and make referrals for additional services. They may also perform disability assessments, complete admission summaries, and order blood and/or medical equipment as needed.

Pennsylvania’s nurse practitioners can even prescribe medication if they have prescriptive authority.  Prescriptive authority in The Keystone State requires 45 hours of training in pharmacology at the advanced level; advanced means above the level required for licensing as a professional nurse. The pharmacology coursework may be taken as part of the CRNP master’s course or may be taken separately.

16 hours of continuing education in pharmacology are then required in each biannual renewal period. In Pennsylvania, nurse practitioners work collaboratively with physicians. This entails having the support of a physician who can immediately respond to questions. It also means having a plan in place for emergency services.

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