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Nurse Practitioner School in South Carolina - SC

Gone are the days when boys played with blue doctor's kits, and girls played with pink nurse's ones. It’s not just the gender distinctions that are disappearing; so, too, are the rigid distinctions between doctor and nurse. Today, highly educated nurses in states like South Carolina can take on a number of medical responsibilities, even prescribing medicine. Nurse practitioner schools in South Carolina prepare nurses to serve as primary care providers to the state’s residents.

Before becoming a nurse practitioner in South Carolina, a person must first obtain licensure as a registered, or professional, nurse.  S/he also needs to complete a masters program in nursing and earn national board certification in an area of specialty practice. These areas include pediatric, adult, geriatric, and family practice.  A nurse practitioner may also be certified in acute care, psychiatric health, or women’s health. Upon licensure, s/he earns the title APRN, which stands for Advance Practice Registered Nurse.

A program will generally include 45 contact hours of education in pharmacotherapeutics as such is required by the board for prescriptive authority (authorization to write prescriptions). South Carolina requires that 15 of these hours be in controlled substances if the nurse practitioner applies to prescribe them.

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