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Nurse Practitioner School in Washington - WA

Information provided by ARNPs United of Washington State, show that as of 2008 there were 4512 advanced registered nurse practitioners in Washington. Registered nurses who wish to count themselves among these professionals must attend nurse practitioner schools offering advanced practice graduate level training. Nurse practitioners in Washington work as independent health care professionals and also collaborate with other health care professionals as necessary. Education and training for nurse practitioners in Washington is available to registered nurses who hold a Washington state issued RN license and a bachelor’s degree.

In order to become an advanced practice registered nurse practitioner in Washington, a minimum of a master’s degree must be obtained. A 2008 survey of ARNPs in Washington conducted by the Washington State Department of Health’s Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission found that 87.3% of them had master’s degrees, with just 3.1% possessing a doctorate in nursing, or DNP. This report also states that six universities in the state graduated 214 ARNPs during the 2008-2009 school year, representing a 25% increase over the previous school year.

Out-of -state online programs are also approved and available to students for whom distance learning is a more viable alternative to traditional in-person classroom study.  Once licensed and certified, advanced registered nurse practitioners in Washington must also fulfill continuing education requirements, either in traditional school settings or online.

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