Nursing Jobs in Florida - FL

Florida is one of the best places in the country to become a nurse. Senior citizens, who currently account for 17% of Florida’s population, are expected to make up one in four residents by 2030. As the elderly population grows, demand for nurses, particularly at nursing homes and geriatric care centers, is likely to increase accordingly.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 40% of Florida’s nurses are nearing retirement age, creating the prospect for a severe shortage of nurses in the near future if not enough younger nurses fill their places. When combined with projected population growth and growth in Florida’s elderly population, these factors suggest that the demand for nurses in Florida will be booming in years to come.

Some types of jobs are likely to be in greater demand than others. Jobs are expected to grow more slowly in hospitals, but due to high turnover rates, hospitals like Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida Hospital Orlando, and Memorial Regional Hospital are likely to be excellent sources of jobs.

On the other hand, although jobs are projected to grow more quickly in physicians’ offices and outpatient care centers, these jobs are likely to be more competitive. To be a more competitive candidate, you’ll want to get the best education and training possible—it’s never to soon to start looking.

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