Nursing Programs in California – CA

Nursing programs in California have something to fit your career goals regardless of your existing level of education. Maybe you are new to nursing and just want to get started, or perhaps you are a registered nurse and want to advance your career to the next level. With bridge programs you can accomplish this without having to complete another 4 years of school.

In California, nursing programs offer something called a bridge program, also referred to as accelerated learning. With these programs, students can complete a program that successfully takes them from one level of nursing to the next, without needing to complete a new degree program in its entirety.

How does this work? Well, nursing schools in California realize that students benefit more when they can be entirely focused on their studies rather than having to focus on switching schools to find a new degree program to meet their goals. For this reason, LPNs can complete an online accelerated course that gives them the education to become an RN, sometimes in as little as 3 months. In California, this can also be done for RNs that want to attain a BSN and for BSN professionals that want to attain an MSN.

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