Nursing Programs in Illinois – IL

Nursing programs in Illinois engage learners in areas like anatomy, health ethics and chemistry to promote their comprehension of the multifaceted aspects of a career in nursing.  Advanced degree seekers study health information management and the business theory needed to act as an administrator.  Not only are all nursing students equipped with the know-how needed to work collaboratively with other medical professionals on behalf of patient care, but they also learn how to clearly communicate with colleagues and patients alike to successfully meet the demands of the profession.

Individuals may attend classes either on-campus or online.  The latter is a particularly convenient option for older students as well as for those whose schedules may prohibit site-based study and necessitate flexibility.  In addition to textbook lessons, the majority of nursing programs in Illinois include a supervised practicum to ensure students are as prepared as possible to address the kinds of situations they will encounter on the job.  This experience may be set at a hospital, clinic or other managed care facility.
The Division of Professional Regulation awards nursing licensure in Illinois after individuals who complete nursing programs pass the National Council Licensure Exam.  Those with associate degrees must renew their licenses by January 31 of odd years, while those with bachelor and advanced degrees must do so by May 31 of even years.

Nursing Schools