Nursing Programs in Kentucky – KY

If you are still in high school and are contemplating a career in nursing, the Kentucky Board of Nursing recommends that you try to maintain a high grade point average and take certain courses. These include language arts, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, psychology and public speaking. You should also decide which type of nursing you want to pursue: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). Nursing programs in Kentucky must be approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing in order to qualify graduates for Kentucky licensure.

Courses for both LPNs and RNs may be taken online or in-person in a traditional college or university setting. However, programs for both LPNs and RNs require students to fulfill clinical requirements and perform a clinical internship at a medical facility affiliated with your nursing school. This, of course, must be taken in person. If you study to become an LPN, plan to be in school for at least a year and to take the national certification examination (NCLEX-PN) upon graduation. If you study to become an RN, you may opt for an associate degree program, lasting about two years, or a bachelor degree program, which takes about four years to complete. Again, following graduation you must pass the national certification examination for RNs (the NCLEX-RN) and apply for licensure in Kentucky. Some RNs who have an associate degree may take accelerated courses to earn either a bachelor or master’s degree in their pursuit of becoming an NP or APN.

Nursing Schools