Nursing Programs in Missouri – MO

Nursing programs in Missouri fulfill a variety of needs. There are standard LPN and RN programs as well as accelerated courses and LPN to RN bridge programs. Standard LPN programs take about a year to complete, while RN programs may take anywhere from two to four years. Missouri evaluates nursing programs, both professional and practical, as well as those that provide a bridge to higher certification. The state maintains a list of approved programs. The list is lengthy, including everything from high school based LPN programs to vocational schools and traditional colleges. Some approved professional nursing programs are at the associate’s level, while others are at the bachelors level.

Accelerated programs are programs designed for people who already have a college degree and want a post-baccalaureate program that can offer a fast track to a professional career. Accelerated programs assume that one already has a strong general studies background and graduate level study skills. Programs are intense, but can often be completed in a little over a year.

LPN to RN programs are intended for those who have a nursing license at the practical level, but have only a certificate as opposed to a degree. By completing rigorous courses and then taking the NCLEX at the appropriate level, LPNs in Missouri can move up to RN status.

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